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How do I set up my I/O in Pro Tools with the Red 4Pre in Pro Tools Mode?

Applies to Red 4Pre:

To put the Red 4Pre in Pro Tools Mode for Pro Tools HD systems, press the Meter and Monitor buttons simultaneously to enter the global settings menu. Under Host, change Thunderbolt to Pro Tools (if not done so already). The two Mini DigiLink ports on the Red 4Pre will allow for 64 inputs/outputs and will appear in Pro Tools as 4 banks of 16.

For more information in setting up the Red 4Pre for use in your Pro Tools session, please refer to page 18 in the following guide:

For further assistance in establishing the I/O Setup, attached are templates that can be imported through the I/O Setup menu in Pro Tools by navigating to Setup > I/O. These templates automatically label the inputs and outputs of your Red 4Pre to make it easier to keep track of where audio is being sent/received from. After importing the template for the input and output, pressing ‘Default’ on the ‘Bus’ tab in Pro Tools’ I/O Setup will automatically rename all the busses based on the new names in the output tab.

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