I can’t hear anything from Saffire MixControl through my headphones

This applies to the Current Saffire Pro Range

The headphone outputs from Saffire MixControl are copies of specific line outputs on the rear of the interface, so it is important to ensure that you’re routing audio to the correct outputs. These outputs are marked by the headphone symbol () in the routing section of Saffire MixControl, as shown below.

In the example above (of a Saffire Pro 24 DSP), Headphone Output 1 (on the Saffire hardware) is a copy of Line Outputs 3&4, and Headphone Output 2 (on the Saffire hardware) is a copy of Line Outputs 5&6.

Select from the choice of Inputs, DAW (computer) Outputs, and Mixes by clicking in the box next to the relevant output, and route audio to the headphones. It is worth noting that most computer audio software will send audio out of DAW 1 (Left Channel) and DAW 2 (Right Channel) by default.

It is then necessary to ensure that sufficient level is being sent out of the headphone outputs to the headphones. This is done in the Monitor section of Saffire MixControl, shown below.

As demonstrated by the image above, the monitor outputs have three states, signified by three different colours, Red, Blue, and Grey.

- Red outputs are muted and won’t pass any audio. For audio to be heard from the headphone outputs, the corresponding line outputs must not be set to Red.

- Blue outputs will pass audio, but the level of the output is dependent on the position of the monitor level control. It is possible to have the headphone outputs set to ‘Blue’, yet still not hear audio as there isn’t sufficient level. If using the headphone outputs set to Blue, ensure that the monitor level is nice and high.

- Grey outputs will output audio at full volume, and so having the headphone outputs set to Grey will mean that utilising just the headphone output level control should give sufficient level to the headphones. However please exercise caution as any signal coming out of the corresponding line outputs will be very loud. To turn the outputs grey in MixControl, simply hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard while clicking on them.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact Focusrite Technical Support.

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