Can I use a firewire hard drive with my Saffire?

This applies to the Saffire Pro 40, 26, 24 24DSP, 14, and LS56

Yes, firewire hard drives can be daisy chained with our firewire interfaces.

Is the order that they are connected together important?
The devices can be connected either way around. Either the Saffire can be connected to the computer, with the hard drive daisy chained off of the interface, or the vice versa.

Can I use a firewire 800 hard drive?
You can use a firewire 800 hard drive. However, all daisy-chained devices must run at 400Mbs speed (i.e. using a cable with at least one firewire 400 connector). If your computer has a firewire 800 port, you should use a firewire 400 to 800 adapter to connect the devices together.

Which hard drives have been tested?
We have tested the Glyph GT050Q using the Oxford 924 chipset.

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