Scarlett 8i6 and 18i6 Troubleshooting Guide

Applies to: Scarlett 8i6 and 18i6

For any problem you may be experiencing, please ensure that you have the latest software for the 8i6 from here. If this doesn't help, see the steps below:

My Scarlett isn't powering up
The Scarlett interface range aren't bus powered so you will need to ensure that the supplied power adapter is connected to a power supply.

I am having connection or performance problems
- Optimize your PC through appropriate guide found here.
- Try increasing the buffer size in your audio software
- If you have other USB devices connected, try disconnecting them.

I'm getting no signal from the input on the meters or in my DAW
- Ensure that you have sufficient gain by turning up the gain pot on the front of the unit
- If inputting a signal from a microphone, ensure that the microphone is plugged into the XLR socket of the input.
- If inputting an instrument signal, ensure that you you are using the jack input socket and that the "inst" switch is engaged. If the channel doesn't have an "inst" switch, move the jack to input 1 or 2
- If inputting a line level signal, ensure that you are using the jack input and that "inst" is not engaged
- If using a condenser microphone, ensure that you have phantom power switched on
- Check your audio source and cable to ensure that they work
- Ensure that your DAW is correctly configured to use your 8i6.

The locked light is not lit
This means that your interface cannot lock to the sync source set in Scarlett MixControl
- If you are not using the digital inputs, ensure that the sync source is set to "internal" in Scarlett MixControl
- If you have another audio device connected to the S/PDIF input on your 8i6 and would like to use that device's digital clock, ensure that both devices are running at the same sample rate and that the sync source in Scarlett MixControl is set to "S/PDIF"

I'm experiencing high latency in my DAW
- Reduce the buffer size in your DAW
Please note: reducing latency and buffer sizes will increase CPU load and will require more resources. If there are not sufficient resources available you may need to increase the latency and buffer size.

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