My license file is not unlocking my plug-ins on a Mac ("Problem installing license file" or "That is not a valid license file")

This applies to the Scarlett and Midnight Plugin Suites

If you are experiencing problems unlocking your Focusrite, Scarlett or Midnight plug-in suite on a Mac please follow these steps:

- Ensure that you have the latest version of the plug-ins from our downloads page.
- Generate a new license file and then load it into the plug-in.

If you continue to experience problems please try the following:
- Repair disk permissions for your hard drive using disk utility.
- Create a folder with the following path:
Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Focusrite/Activation

Now rename your license file FFMidnightPluginSuite.fnlf for Midnight or FFScarlettPluginSuite.fnlf for Scarlett and place the file in Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Focusrite/Activation.

If you still can't activate your plug-ins please contact support here.

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