Windows says it is 'Installing New Hardware' even after I've run the Focusrite Installer?

Applies to: Saffire (Whole range), Scarlett (Whole range)


When you install your Focusrite Drivers or MixControl Software, the installer will place the Focusrite drivers in Windows DriverStore where the files will remain, whether they are in use or not.

When you connect your device to the computer, Windows will see that hardware is being connected and attempt to connect it to it's driver. Windows calls this "Installing New Hardware" but it is actually just linking the hardware to the driver you have already placed in the DriverStore.

You will see this has been successful when the device is listed as "working properly" in Windows' Device Manager.

Be aware that on some devices you may see the 'Installing New Hardware' message multiple times and this is not necessarily indicative of a problem. While these messages sometimes seem out of place, they will happen each time you connect the device after it has been disconnected.

Please allow the messages to show while the computer assigns the appropriate driver and your device will be ready for use. Do not unplug the device during this time or cancel the messages.

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