My Software is from an Unidentified Developer and won't Install on my Mac

Applies to: All products (software)

Since the release of OSX 10.7, your Mac is initially set up to only allow Applications found on the App Store to install on your computer as a Security Measure. Otherwise, it will consider the application to come from an Unidentified Developer and block installation.

While you are able to change this setting in some versions of the Mac OS, there is an easy way to bypass this without changing your Security Settings:


  1. Open a new Finder Window
  2. Navigate to the Download or Application you just installed to your Mac
  3. Instead of Double-Clicking on the Icon to open, Right Click on it and choose "Open"
  4. A Pop-Up Window will appear telling you that the Software is from an Unidentified Developer, but it will give you the option to Open it anyway. Click on "Open", and the software will run as expected.


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