Why is my audio slowed down in Windows 8/10 when the computer starts?

Applies to: Scarlett Range

We are aware of an issue when using Windows 8/10 that causes audio to be slowed down when the computer starts up, when using a Scarlett usb interface. This issue will only affect certain systems and there are workarounds to prevent this from happening.

The first workaround is disconnect and then reconnect the usb cable to the Scarlett once the computer has started. The second workaround is to change the sample rate that the interface is running at either in Windows sound preferences or in a piece of daw software. The third workaround, which removes the need to do either of the previous ones, is to disable Windows Fast Boot.

To disable fast boot please go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Click on "Choose what the power button does" and in the next window untick "Turn on fast start-up". The next time the system starts you should find that the issue does not occur. 


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