What is the Dice Tool? Where can I get it?

This applies to the Current Saffire Range

The DiceTool was made to solve corrupt firmware issues.

On some Macs running a new OS with the older versions of MixControl a unit's firmware could become corrupted and the number of Inputs and Outputs would change.
This was visible in AudioMIDISetup.

Some users do not have this problem and mistakingly think they need the DiceTool and search for it from other sources.

Note that the DiceTool should NEVER be run if you do not have the problem it was designed to address.  This should always be diagnosed by our Tech Support.

If you are running a Mac and have the latest version of Saffire MixControl you are not able to run into this problem.  You can only experience it when running a very old version of MixControl with a new Mac.

Please make sure you are always running the latest version of MixControl.

If you have an Output issue please contact Tech Support so we can diagnose the cause of the issue properly.  Do not run the DiceTool without contacting Tech Support.

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