How to save settings to Saffire hardware for standalone use

This applies to the current Saffire Range

There are two types of memory storage on the Saffire range of interfaces. The first is a one patch memory that saves mix control settings. When you choose "Save to Hardware" in the file menu in Saffire Mix Control this saves the current mix control settings to this patch memory. The only time that this can be accessed is when going back to mix control and choosing "Load From Hardware". So for example, mix control settings can be saved to the Saffire on one computer and then can be loaded into mix control on another computer. Using the load and save to hardware can be thought of as a memory stick for saving mix control settings. Using load and save to hardware will not retain your mix control settings for standalone use. 

The only way to save settings onto the Saffire for use in standalone mode is to close Saffire Mix Control. When you exit or close Saffire Mix Control the current mix control settings, such as routing, sample rate and sync source, will all be stored to the mixer on the Saffire for standalone use. 

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