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Connecting a Playstation 3 or 4 to a Saffire interface via ADAT/Toslink

This applies to the current Saffire Range

Please note that it is only possible to connect your Playstation 3 or 4 to a current Saffire interface which has an 'Optical In' port, so excludes the Saffire Pro 14.

Within the Audio menu of the Playstation, ensure that the primary output port is set to 'Digital Out (Optical), also ensure that the Format is set to 'Linear PCM'.

Once done, open your Saffire Mix Control software and use the below settings (if you are running your Saffire in standalone mode, please use the below settings for standalone mode, see more on Standalone mode here):

Settings menu: Use ADAT inputs as Optical SPDIF
Sync source: SPDIF-OPT
Sample Rate: 48k (this is the default Playstation sample-rate)

If you have your Saffire connected to your computer whilst using the Playstation, you can monitir the audio coming in over optical by selecting SPDIF 3 & SPDIF 4 in the channel strip.

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