iTrack Solo will not work with 30pin iPad Garageband on iOS7 / iOS8 / iOS9

This applies to the iTrack Solo

As a result of our ongoing development of iOS products, we have been made aware of issues between Garageband & iOS 7/8/9 on iPads with legacy connections (30pin). We have raised this with Apple, however any further resolution is unfortunately beyond our control at this point.

We would recommend trying one of the many other DAWs available for iOS such as Auria, Cubasis or HarmonicDog Multitrack (others are available).

Please note that iPads with Lightning connections will not have the above issues. iTrack Solo is now available with a Lightning Connector, however if you already have the 30pin version of iTrack Solo, you can contact our spares department and enquire about purchasing the Lightning Device Link seperately on:

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