Why doesn't the LED on the front of my iTrack Solo light up?

Applies to: iTrack Solo

The LED on the front of the iTrack Solo is designed to illuminate when the device connects to a driver, it is not a power indicator. As such, if you are connecting the iTrack Solo to an iOS device, the USB LED will not light up if the device is only connected to a power supply, though it should light up once it is also connected to the iOS device in question via the suppled Device Link cable.

iOS devices and OS X devices (Mac computers) come with Apple's Core Audio driver installed which the iTrack Solo is designed to utilise. As such, you will not need to install any drivers to use the iTrack Solo on these devices.

On a Windows system you will need to first install the driver, please see this article.

If you have any problems please contact Technical Support.

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