Midnight and Scarlett Plugins are crashing when installing license file on El Capitan OSX 10.11

Applies to: Midnight and Scarlett plug-ins suites

If you are experiencing problems with activating your Midnight or Scarlett plugins during the 'Install Licence' part of the process, you can actually install the Licence file manually on your system by following these steps:

1. Firstly delete all previous Licence files if present, most likely found in your Downloads folder.
2. Click on 'Activate plugins' when you first open the plugin in your DAW. Fill in the details including your activation code, which is found in your Focusrite account. Once finished, click submit, this should download a NEW licence file via the auto-download in your browser or email.
3. Please now close your DAW. Rename the licence file appropriately as below, depending on the plugins you're activating:


4. Place this newly renamed file in: HDD (Mac Hard Drive) -> Library -> Application Support -> Focusrite -> Activation

If this exact folder is not present, you may have to manually create it.
Please restart your DAW, the plugins should now be ready to select and use.

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