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Which audio software packages are compatible with the Saffire?

Article applies to: Saffire - entire range.


All Saffire products will work with any ASIO or WDM compliant software on a PC.

On a Mac, our first line of Saffire products (Saffire, Saffire LE, Saffire Pro 10 and Saffire Pro 26) use Apple's CoreAudio driver, and so they will work with any CoreAudio compliant software.
Our new line of Saffire products (the Saffire Pro 40 and Liquid Saffire 56) use our own driver.

All Saffire products have been fully tested, and work with all of the most popular software packages. If you're not sure if a particular software is supported, please consult the user manual to determine if it supports ASIO or WDM on PC or CoreAudio on the Mac; or with regards to the Saffire Pro 40 and 56, consult us to confirm whether your DAW is compatible with them.

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