How do I save and load Snapshots of my Liquid Mix plugins?

Article Applies to: Liquid Mix 16, 32, HD.

Snapshots can be saved and loaded in one of two ways:

1. The 'Save' and 'Load' buttons on the Liquid Mix hardware

Pressing the 'Save' button on the Liquid Mix hardware saves the current EQ and compressor settings to a .lss file on your computer in the following directory:

/Users/"your username"/Library/Application Support/LiquidMix

Once a Snapshot has been saved into this directory, use the 'Load' button to reload it.

2. The 'Save/Load/Rename' menu on the Liquid Mix plugin GUI.

This provides the same functionality as the hardware 'Save' and 'Load' buttons with the addition of the rename feature, as shown below in Fig.1.

Fig. 1

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