The Mac OS X firmware updater keeps failing. What do I do?

Article applies to: Saffire, Saffire LE.

The firmware update has two stages. You will see a progress bar for each stage. Please check the colour of the LINE / INSTR LEDs on the front panel. They should be green before the update.

When the firmware update begins, the LEDs will turn to orange in the first stage. When the first progress bar completes, the LEDs should turn green again before the second stage.

If they stay orange, please disconnect/reconnect the firewire cable (and the external power supply if in use) and wait until the LEDs turn green.

They will stay green for no more than a few seconds, and then turn orange again for the second stage of the firmware update. Once the second stage progress bar completes, the LEDs will turn green again and stay green.

At this point the firmware update should be complete.

If the firmware update doesn't pass, please contact support.

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