I am experiencing clicks and pops with my Octopre LE connected using ADAT Lightpipe. What can I do?

This applies to the Legacy Octopre

If your Octopre LE is not syncing to your sound card/audio interface or vice versa, or you are hearing clicks and pops in your recordings, then:

- Ensure that the ADAT cable(s) is not faulty - try one that you know works.

If the Octopre is synced internally (no BNC connection) then also check:

- The sound card clock source is set to 'ADAT'.
- Ensure that the sample frequency setting on the front of the unit is set to the same as in your sound card/DAW settings.

If the Octopre is synced to an external clock source then check the following:

- The correct clock source has been selected on the front of the unit (either ADAT, word clock or 256x 'Superclock').
- The word clock cable is in good order and not faulty.
- The sound card clock source is set to 'internal'.

If there is still a problem after ensuring these things then check the ADAT out port of the Octorpe LE - there should be a red light visible in the socket when the unit is switched on. If not then ensure the card has been fitted properly (view the instructions for fitting here). If the card is fitted properly and there is still no red light then contact us for further advice.

If there is a red light visible but the problem persists then it is necessary to find out whether it is the Octopre or receiving device which is at fault. Try using the Octopre with another device which receives ADAT to see if the problem is still there. Also you can try another ADAT device which you know to work with the sound card to make sure the sound card is not at fault. If you still suspect the Octopre to be at fault after trying other ADAT devices then please contact us for further advice.

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