Faulty firewire cables.

 A few faulty cables were found in the very first batch of saffire pro 40's that shipped in the UK only. Fortunately the faulty cables were identified on the first day of shipping. All uk dealers were notified immediately and asked to swap out the firewire cables in the box just to make sure none of these faulty cables were used, since they could theoretically damage a connected saffire pro unit. 

The serial numbers of potentially affected units are listed below;

PF6830200606   PF6830200780   PF6830200958
PF6830200610   PF6830200787   PF6830200960
PF6830200612   PF6830200790   PF6830200967
PF6830200614   PF6830200791   PF6830200976
PF6830200617   PF6830200792   PF6830200977
PF6830200622   PF6830200794   PF6830200978
PF6830200626   PF6830200795   PF6830200980
PF6830200632   PF6830200799   PF6830200985
PF6830200636   PF6830200800   PF6830200986
PF6830200645   PF6830200807   PF6830200987
PF6830200649   PF6830200809   PF6830200988
PF6830200652   PF6830200810   PF6830200989
PF6830200655   PF6830200811   PF6830200990
PF6830200657   PF6830200813   PF6830200998
PF6830200661   PF6830200814   PF6830201000
PF6830200663   PF6830200822   PF6830201001
PF6830200664   PF6830200824   PF6830201002
PF6830200669   PF6830200832   PF6830201005
PF6830200670   PF6830200833   PF6830201007
PF6830200672   PF6830200836   PF6830201009
PF6830200680   PF6830200837   PF6830201010
PF6830200681   PF6830200838   PF6830201012
PF6830200683   PF6830200839   PF6830201014
PF6830200686   PF6830200840   PF6830201015
PF6830200708   PF6830200841   PF6830201020
PF6830200732   PF6830200842   PF6830201021
PF6830200737   PF6830200848   PF6830201032
PF6830200738   PF6830200850   PF6830201033
PF6830200739   PF6830200851   PF6830201034
PF6830200740   PF6830200852   PF6830201035
PF6830200742   PF6830200853   PF6830201036
PF6830200744   PF6830200860   PF6830201037
PF6830200745   PF6830200871   PF6830201038
PF6830200752   PF6830200881   PF6830201039
PF6830200754   PF6830200886   PF6830201040
PF6830200755   PF6830200899   PF6830201046
PF6830200764   PF6830200900   PF6830201048
PF6830200770   PF6830200901   PF6830201055
PF6830200771   PF6830200911   PF6830201061
PF6830200774   PF6830200947   PF6830201088
PF6830200776   PF6830200951   PF6830201089
PF6830200777   PF6830200952   PF6830201092
PF6830200778   PF6830200953   PF6830201095
PF6830200779   PF6830200955   PF6830201097

If you have received one of these units and have any worries at all, then please give us a call immediately on 01494-462246. If you have a working unit whose serial number is included on the list of those potentially affected, but have not used the supplied firewire cable, please discard the cable immediately and contact us for a replacement.

Any units with serial numbers not included on the above list are not affected.

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