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How do I set up my ISA One with Pro Tools LE and M-Powered hardware?

Applies to: ISA One

Some users wish to use their ISA one preamp with Pro Tools LE or M-Powered by digitally connecting their ISA to the digital inputs of their Pro Tools hardware. This will allow a high quality connection from your ISA One using Focusrite's high quality analogue to digital convertors without compromising the quality of the Focusrite ISA One Preamplifier. The following guide explains exactly how to set up your ISA one with your Pro Tools hardware to allow recording from your ISA One into Pro Tools including using a Cue mix.

Set up:
- To begin with you will need to ensure that you have the optional ISA Stereo ADC card fitted to your ISA One unit. Information on this can be found here. You also need to ensure that you Pro Tools hardware has a digital input: either an RCA S/PDIF input, or an ADAT optical input.

RCA S/PDIF connection:
- In order to use RCA S/PDIF connection you will need to purchase a DB-9 to S/PDIF breakout cable. These are available from your Focusrite distributor. To find your country's distributor see here.
- Plug a standard RCA cable (male to male) into any one of the four female RCA connectors and the other end into the S/PDIF input of your Pro Tools hardware.

ADAT Optical connection:
- For an ADAT optical question you do not require a breakout cable however you will require an ADAT light pipe cable with TOSLINK connectors. These should be available from Professional Audio equipment dealers.
- Connect the optical output labeled ADAT on the back of the ISA One using the light pipe cable to the ADAT input of your Pro Tools hardware. Please note you will need to remove the plug in the ADAT out socket before inserting the cable.

Setting up your ISA One;
- To set up your ISA for sending the signal digitally, firstly select the sample rate you wish to work at using the sample rate selector button on the front of the ISA. IMPORTANT: This must match the sample rate you will be using in Pro Tools
- If you are only using the ISA One with a single piece of Pro Tools hardware you will need to make it synchronise to it's internal source. Ensure that none of the LEDs to the right of the 'Ext' are lit by pressing the 'Ext' button.

Setting up your Pro Tools:
- To start recording your ISA, start a new session and select the same sample rate as set on the ISA One. Select 24 bit as the Bit Depth.
- To ensure your Pro Tools hardware is synchronising to your ISA One click on Setup and then Hardware. In the Clock Source drop down, select S/PDIF if you are using a S/PDIF connection and ADAT if you are using an ADAT connection.
- You will now be able to select the digital input as an input for your Pro Tools track. If you are using a S/PDIF connection, select S/PDIF left as the track input and you should then be able to record the ISA One. If you are using a ADAT connection, select ADAT Channel 1 as the track input and you should then be able to record the ISA One.

To enable the Cue Headphone Mix on your ISA One:
- Using balanced TRS jack cables, plug output 1 of your hardware to the Cue left input on your ISA One and output 2 of your hardware to the Cue right input of your ISA One.
- Ensure that the cue button is pressed (the button is lit) you should then be able to monitor your Pro Tools output from your ISA One headphone output.

General tips:
- To ensure that you receive a 'good' level in Pro tools, when using the ISA One with an audio source, use the input gain control to allow the signal to peak -6 on the input LED meter.

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