How can I uninstall my Liquid Mix from my PC?

There are 2 stages to uninstalling your Liquid Mix from your PC; uninstalling the software, and uninstalling the hardware.

Uninstalling the software

To remove your Liquid Mix software, go to ‘Add or Remove Programs’ (START>CONTROL PANEL>ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS) and highlight ‘Focusrite Liquid Mix x.x’. Click on ‘Remove’ and follow any command prompts. A screenshot of this is shown below:

Uninstalling the hardware

To remove your Liquid Mix hardware, go to ‘Device Manager’ (START>CONTROL PANEL>SYSTEM>HARDWARE>DEVICE MANAGER) and scroll down to ‘Focusrite Liquid Mix by Sintefex’ as shown below. Either double click on the text or click on the plus sign to the left of the text to expand the menu. Then right-click on ‘Liquid Mix’, select ‘Uninstall’ from the dropdown menu and follow any command prompts.

If you have installed a new DAW since your last update, it is worth searching for - and subsequently deleting - all files and folders with 'LiquidMix' in the title as a new DAW will often reassign the default VST directory, and as such it is possible for files and folders to be left on your computer, even after running the Uninstaller.

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