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Audio connections on the Rednet 5

This applies to the Rednet 5

A RedNet 5 will allow up to 32 channels of inputs and 32 channels of outputs between your Pro Tools rig and RedNet network (16i/o at 192kHz sample rates), via standard DigiLink connections.

RedNet 5 can also be set to "expansion mode", allowing 16 i/o from RedNet, and up to 16 i/o from another Pro Tools interface. The 3rd party interface will not be available on the RedNet network, but will appear alongside the RedNet i/o in Pro Tools.

Although the RedNet 5 will only be able to provide 16 i/o between RedNet and Pro Tools at 192kHz, the Expansion port can still be used, so users can get 32 i/o at 192 KHz if they use a Pro Tools interface through RedNet 5's expansion port as well.

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