How do I connect the iTrack Solo to my iPad/computer?

Applies to: iTrack Solo, iTrack Solo Studio


Powering the iTrack Solo

The iTrack Solo is an active device and needs a DC power source to operate. It is important to remember that when you use the iTrack Solo with an iPad, it will not be powered from the iPad via the interface cable.

Use the supplied USB cable to connect the iTrack Solo to a standard Apple USB Power Supply (or other standard USB power supply). One of these is supplied with every iOS device, or can be obtained separately. To check whether the unit is powered press the phantom power (48v) button - a red light should illuminate. The front panel USB LED will illuminate when the iTrack Solo is powered and connected to an iPad/computer.

It is also important to note that when connected in this way, the iTrack Solo will not charge the iPad's internal battery.

Connections to your iPad device

The supplied iPad interface cable should be connected between the DEVICE LINK port on the rear of the iTrack Solo and your iPad. This cable will carry the audio between the recording app on your iPad and the iTrack Solo in both directions, but does not carry DC power in either direction (see above).

Connections to your Mac/PC

Connect the supplied USB cable between the iTrack Dock and your computer. This will power the iTrack Solo as well as carry the audio data to and from the computer.

Please note that when connecting to a Mac or PC via USB, the Device Link cable must be disconnected in order for your computer to see the iTrack.

When using the iTrack Solo with Windows PC, you will need to install the audio driver from here. You do not need to install a driver when using the iTrack Solo with a Mac as it is a class compliant device and uses the Mac's built-in Core Audio driver.

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