Offline plugin authorisation

This applies to the Scarlett and Midnight Plugin Suite

1. Load the plug-in

2. When prompted by the splash screen click "Activate"

3. Copy the URL from the opened browser page and save it as a text document on a Memory Stick

4. Insert the memory stick in to a computer with an active Internet connection

5. Copy the URL text from the text document and paste this in to the browser

6. Enter your details on the Focusrite e-store page

7. Enter your serial number (10/16-Digit)

8. Click Submit

9. An authorisation file (.fnlf) will be downloaded

10. Copy the authorisation file to the memory stick

11. Place the Autorisation file on the desktop of the computer to be activated

12. Load the plug-in, click "Install"

13. Navigate to and select the downloaded authorisation file (.fnlf)

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