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I get a No More Flows error in Dante Controller

Applies to: RedNet (whole range)

The No More Flows error in Dante Controller is commonly caused by people using Static IP Addresses and trying to route between Dante Virtual Soundcard and RedNet devices. It can also happen if you use a 10/100 Megabit switch instead of the required Gigabit speed.

If using an approved Gigabit switch, then the IP addressing needs to be looked into: RedNet uses Bonjour in order to assign IP addresses to elements of the RedNet system automatically.

This means that if using a Static IP Address for your network adapter, Bonjour will not be able to assign IP addresses correctly and you will see a 'No More Flows' message in Dante Controller. Dante Virtual Soundcard uses the IP address of your network adapter, and so if the IP adress is not in the same subnet as the RedNet units, the error will occur.

In that regard, we recommend using DHCP for your network adapter. This is the default configuration for network adapters anyway, but if you have set up a Static IP Address then below is a guide to revert back to DHCP:


Go to Applications > System Preferences > Network and Ensure that 'DHCP' is selected for 'Configure IPv4':



Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Centre > Network Connections > [Double click your Ehternet adapter] > Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 > Properties > [Select Obtain IP Address Automatically]:

Obtain IP

If you absolutely must use a Static IP Address, then use one that begins with 169.254. However, we strongly recommend using DHCP instead.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Technical Support

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