Scarlett Plug-in Suite does not show up as an Insert in Cubase

Applies to: Scarlett Plugin Suite

When installing your plugin suite make sure you select the correct destination (this can change from computer to computer).

The easiest way to complete this is run the Plugin installer, continue with installation, when you get to the option "select destination location".Select destination location

Make a note of where the plugin is being installed, so when you add within the plugin information browser you know where to select your plugins.


Open DAW and navigate to Devices>plug-in information> Click Vst.2x Plug-in Path> click ADDPlug-in information for cubase using windows  
Go to Computer> Local disk> Program files> VST Plug-ins> click ok or open then click update. Close Cubase then reopen, navigate to inserts>focusrite
Navigating to inserts to find Scarlett Plugins in cubase   
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