Where is my nine digit serial number for Ableton?

Applies to bundled software: Ableton Live Lite 9

You may see a prompt on to enter your 9 digit serial number.

All Focusrite and Novation products that come with Ableton Live Lite use the other, 24 digit configuration. Please access the DOWNLOADS & ACTIVATIONS CODES tab from within your Focusrite or Novation account. Here is where you will locate all of the software bundled with your product in addition to the activations codes and step by step instructions on installation.

Here is where you 9 digital Ableton Live Lite code will be:


Use the CLICK HERE link (upper right hand corner) which will take you to Ableton's website. There you will create your very own account and register your copy of Live which will automatically activate your license. Simply copy and paste the activation code provided in your Focusrite or Novation account to the empty REGISTRATION CODE field in your Live account.

Ableton_reg.pngIf you have any other problems with registration please contact Tech Support.

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