How to setup your Scarlett Solo in Garageband

Note: This walkthrough is using Garage Band version 10.0.2, the screenshots below may look different in other versions :

Please launch Garage Band, create new project, select Songwriter (or whichever session type most applies to you), and click choose.

 Choose Session Type


Please name project, click create, mouse click Garageband (next to apple logo), and navigate to preferences.  

Select Garageband Preferences


Once in the preferences menu, click the audio/midi tab option, set audio output and audio input to Scarlett Solo USB.

Select Input and output


Please exit preferences.

If your Scarlett Solo is set to Direct Monitor 'ON' on the front of the interface, you will want to switch Garagebands Input Monitoring off.
If Direct Monitor is set to 'OFF', Garagebands Input Monitoring will need to be on in order to monitor your signal.

select input monitoring


Make sure that you have selected the input on your Scarlett that you wish to use when creating a new track (input 1 on the Scarlett Solo = microphone only, input 2 = line/instrument). Turn up the input gain on your Solo to a desirable level (make sure halos are not in the red). 

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