How can I make my iPad Air 2/iPad Pro (9.7") fit my iTrack Dock better?

Applies to: iTrack Dock

The iTrack Dock was designed to fit snugly with the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 when using the Dock's slip mat  - the dimensions of these iPads are what the hardware design of the Dock and slip mat were based around. The iPad Air 2/iPad Pro (9.7") and iTrack Dock are fully compatible, but, due to the iPads being slightly thinner than the iPad Air, the fit with the dock isn't quite as snug. You should find you're able to connect the iPad Air 2/iPad Pro (9.7") to the dock without issues regardless of this. However, if you're looking to get a slightly better fit with the dock, the steps below may be useful:

Step 1: Get your iTrack Dock.

Step 2: Place your red iTrack Dock slip mat in the recessed portion of the Dock.

Step 3: Slide the Lightning connector on the Dock to the iPad Air position.

Step 4: You will have received 4 rubber feet with the Dock. They will be coated with a thin layer of adhesive on one side.

Step 5: You will need to place these (adhesive side down) at the top left, top right and bottom right corners of the slip mat.

Step 6: You should notice that this allows you to slide the iPad easily on to the Dock's Lightning connector.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Technical Support.


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