My Saffire interface will not connect after Windows 10 upgrade

Applies to: Saffire Pro 14, Pro 24, Pro 24 DSP, Pro 26, Pro 40, Liquid Saffire 56

Does NOT apply to: original Saffire (white), Saffire LE (black), Saffire Pro 10 I/O or Saffire Pro 26 I/O as they are not compatible with Windows 8, 8.1 or 10

We have become aware of a connectivity issue some users are experiencing running Saffire units on Windows 10 connected to FireWire cards with a VIA chipset. Our investigation has shown that this would appear to be an incompatibility with particular PCI/PCIe cards with Windows 10 in combination with specific incompatibilities between certain FireWire chipsets and some modern motherboards. Please note that this issue does not affect all systems and it appears to affect FireWire 400 PCI cards more than FireWire 800 PCI/PCIe cards.

The best solution to this issue is to change to a different FireWire card. We recommend cards with the Texas Instruments XIO2213B chipset or the LSI/Agere FW643 chipset as outlined in this article. 

A couple of alternative solutions may or may not work depending on your system:

1 - If using a PCIe Firewire card, if you feel comfortable doing so, you may be able to change the generation of the PCIe port in your PCs BIOS from ‘Auto’ to ‘1’.

2 - Some users have reported that migrating the Windows 7 Firewire driver over to Windows 10 solves the problem for VIA chipset cards, this suggests an issue between Windows 10 and VIA chipsets specifically, however this has not been confirmed.

If you have any queries please contact Technical Support

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