I registered my Focusrite product but did not receive the Softube plug-in bundle code in the “My Software” section, what should I do?

Applies to: Scarlett (whole range), Saffire (whole range), Clarett (whole range)

If you purchased the qualifying interface* after 1st September, 2015, then please contact Focusrite Customer Support. Please note that you will be required to provide proof of purchase.

Unfortunately, the Softube bundle is only open to customers who purchased on or after September 1st 2015.

*Qualifying Interfaces:

Scarlett Solo, Scarlett Solo Studio, Scarlett 2i2, Scarlett Studio, Scarlett 2i4, Scarlett 6i6, Scarlett 18i8, Scarlett 18i20

Saffire Pro 14, Saffire Pro 24, Saffire Pro 24DSP, Saffire Pro 26, Saffire Pro 40, Liquid Saffire 56

Clarett 2Pre, Clarett 4Pre, Clarett 8Pre, Clarett 8PreX

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