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How good are the ISA 428 optional A/D converters? What are the specs?

Article applies to: ISA 428.


We have striven to make the ISA converters to the highest possible quality to preserve the detailed sound of the mic pres after conversion. The 428 converters are a very serious rival to any other high end converters and will provide the smooth, detailed sound you would expect from any professional ADC. The crystal used has a very low jitter (+/-10psec) for a very stable internal clock. The converter specs are:

AES and S/PDIF - 2 x 9 pin D sub (8 channel)
ADAT lightpipe (max 96 KHz) - Optical (8 channel)
Bit depth - 16, 20 and 24
Sample frequencies - 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 KHz
Clock - Standard word clock or 'Superclock'
s/n ratio (dynamic range) - 120dBA
THD - 0.004% (measured 1KHz sine at +18dBu)
Dithering - adaptive
Level calibration - 0dBFS equivalent to +22dBu

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