How does the Liquid Channel Session Saver work?

This applies to the Liquid Channel

Once armed, the Session Saver will monitor the post input gain signal. If the signal overloads it will turn the gain of the pre-amp down by 1dB. If the signal is still overloading then it will turn the gain down by one more dB. If the signal is still overloading then it will turn it down again by 1dB. This will carry on until the signal stops overloading the ADC. The session saver does not turn the gain back up again once the signal stops overloading, since this may well result in overloading again. To undo the effects of the Session Saver and to return to the original pre-amp gain setting the session saver must be disarmed. The reason for including this is that the signal enters the digital domain in the Liquid Channel - digital distortion sounds terrible and must be avoided at all costs. If you are running hot signals then the session saver will help to avoid digital clipping.

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