How are legacy Saffire settings saved?

This applies to the Legacy Saffire Range

Saffire's settings are saved in two ways:

1. Internally
When you've got the inputs and outputs routed as you like them, you don't want to have to worry about losing those settings when you shut down the Saffire. For this reason, Saffire contains some internal memory specified for keeping track of your current settings. With SaffireControl running, you can setup the mix that you want, and these settings will be perioidically saved to Saffire's internal memory. That way, the next time you startup your Saffire, it will recall those settings.

2. In SaffireControl Preference File
SaffireControl automatically saves its settings in a preference file on your computer upon. This occurs upon quitting the SaffireControl application.

So, what does this mean for my setup?
Basically, Saffire's settings are saved internally so that you can startup up your system, and retain the signal routing that you like, without being required to launch SaffireControl. Settings are saved on the computer so that when you launch SaffireControl, you can be sure that it will start up in exactly the same state that you last used it.

Please Note: When you launch SaffireControl, the outputs are temporarily muted while the mix matrix settings are recalled. Therefore, it is not recommended that you launch the SaffireControl during recording or playback.

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