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Saffire 192k operation: What's different?

This applies to the Legacy Saffire Range

This article is important for anyone wanting to utilise the 192k sampling rate with their Saffire.

First of all, switching into 192k can be achieved within the 'Sample Rate Window' of the SaffireControl software, or within your sequencing/audio recording software (NB: Your software must support the 192k sampling rate. If you're not sure, please consult your software documentation).

Next, you should be aware that SaffireControl software switches into a special mode for recording at 192k. At 192k, Saffire runs in a simplified mode called '192k Mode'. You will notice that several controls do not appear when Saffire is in '192k Mode'. The '192k Mode' SaffireControl is shown in Fig. 1 below.

192k Mode

Fig. 1

Some additional information you should be aware of when using 192k Mode:

- Saffire's DSP effects are not available at 192k, however the VST and AudioUnit plugins support 192k.
- Recording and playback at 192k requires more CPU power from your computer
- 192k Mode recording requires 4x as much disk space for the same amount of recording time.

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