Compounder Troubleshooting Guide

Article Applies to: Platinum Compounder

No LEDs illuminate
• Is the POWER switched on?
• Is the correct mains voltage being used for your unit? If not, the fuse may blow, requiring the correct fuse to be refitted. (Click here to find the fuse rating for your unit.)

No output when using one of the LINE INPUTS
• Is the power switched on?
• Is the LEVEL set correctly?
• Is the correct input level set on the rear panel? +4dBu: balanced/professional, -10dBV: unbalanced/consumer.
• Is the signal going into the correct input? If the signal is going to the XLR input and something is also connected to the jack line input, the XLR input will be overridden.
• Is the NOISE GATE switched in?

The NOISE GATE is not working
• Is the Noise Gate section’s IN switch engaged?
• Is the threshold set correctly? If set too low, the input level may not reach the threshold at which the expander activates.(See User Manual)
• Is the Key Input switch engaged but nothing is connected to the key input socket?

The COMPRESSOR is not working
• Is the COMP IN switch engaged?
• Is the LEVEL set correctly? If set too low, the signal level may not be high enough to activate the compressor.
• Are the COMPRESSION controls set correctly? If threshold is too high, the input may not reach the level at which compression starts. (See ENGINEERING HINTS.)

The COMPRESSOR is only working on one channel
• Are both compressor sections’ COMP IN switches engaged?
• Is the LINK COMP switch engaged? If so, only the left channel controls have an effect on the compression settings.

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