Installing Pro Tools First on Windows - Troubleshooting

Some Focusrite products include access to a unique version of Avid's Pro Tools First. If you are using a Windows system and are having issues installing Pro Tools First please try the following solutions to address some issues that may arise. 

Extracting the Pro Tools installer

When you first download Pro Tools it comes in a zip folder. Often this will restrict permissions and so to allow Pro Tools to properly install we need to extract the folder. To do this, right click the downloaded file and press "Extract all".This may take some time. More info here: 2.PNG3.PNG

Run the set up file as an administrator

Sometimes you might see certain errors due to the lack of permissions to install Pro Tools. To address this please ensure you right click the setup file(after extraction) and Run as Administrator.


File not found error

Some users report an installation error involving percussion files. This is due to some percussion files not being found during installation. As these are extra files they are not necessary and you can ignore this error during installation.

Authorisation issues

Pro Tools First uses online authorisation to connect your account with your Pro Tools Sessions. For this reason Pro Tools will ask you to log in. Some users have reported issues logging in to Pro Tools/Avid Application manager. Please ensure that your credentials match with those on 

If this is still unsuccessful you may need to log in with the iLok Licence manager. This should have installed with Pro Tools First so you should either find it on your desktop or in the start menu. If not please install from here:!license-manager 

From here you can log in with your iLok details (these will likely be the same as your Avid account details. 

If you are still having issues then please contact technical support by clicking here.

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