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December/Janurary Plug In Collective - Positive Grid

This article will explain how to to claim the Positive Grid plugin collective offer, including the activation and installation process. This is the Focusrite Plug In Collective offer for December/January. 

If you would prefer to watch a video click here.

1) Log into your account on the Focusrite website. You will see the Positive Grid banner at the top of your account, as shown below: 

Screen_Shot_2017-12-04_at_13.13.22.pngHere you are provided 2 codes for different plug ins. Each needs to be redeemed separately so it is best to right click the redeem link and open it in a new tab so you can come back here later.

Once you open this link you'll be taken to the redeem page on the Positive Grid website. Here you can enter either of the codes provided in the banner in your Focusrite account. You'll need to do one at a time. 


Once you click redeem you'll be prompted to create an account with Positive Grid if you don't already have one. 


You'll then be taken to your Positive Grid download page here you can download the redeemed products. Repeat the redeeming process to get access to both plug ins.



Select your operating system and click download to get the installers for both plug ins. 

2) You'll now be able to run the installers separately for each plug in. Each has a standalone and plug in installer that allow use for inside and outside of DAWs. 




3) You should then see the plug in in your DAW (or as a separate standalone app if you have installed the standalone version. 



Within the plug ins themselves you'll need to log in to unlock the LE license you have access to.  To do this click on the cog in the top right corner of each app and click Log In:


Please then enter your Positive Grid login details to gain access to the LE features.

If you are still having issues activating this plug-in, please watch the video on how to install and activate the plug-in.

If you are still having issues after watching the video, then please contact technical support by clicking here.

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