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October Plug In Collective Offer - CloudBounce Mastering

This article will explain how to to claim the CloudBounce mastering offer, including using the master and redeeming the discount. This is the Focusrite Plug In Collective offer for October. If you're unsure what mastering is for please see this video.

1) Log into your Focusrite account on our website. You will see the CloudBounce banner at the top of your account, as shown below: 


2) Click on the highlighted link which will take you to CloudBounce Focusrite offer. Please enter your details to register an account with CloudBounce.


Please enter your email and desired password:


You'll now be shown this page where you can start mastering or redeem the discount for a years subscription. 



3) To try the mastering service hit "Start Mastering" (as shown in the previous image). This will take you to the dashboard as shown below: 


With a mix ready to master you can press the drop file button which will bring up the file browser. You can then pick the file you want to upload: 


The audio will then be transferred: 


Once this is done please press master file. You'll then need to wait some time for the master to complete. 

4) Once the master is complete the waveform will show allowing you to listen to your mastered song.


If you are happy with the results you can request to download the file. If you'd like to tweak it you can press Edit master and change it using the settings shown below:



If you hit Master again this will restart the process and you'll return again to the screen where you can preview your master and download it. 

5) When you hit download you'll shortly be sent an email letting you know that the master is ready to download.



Please click on the link or go the tracks section in the dashboard to download your song. This will display all the masters you have done and allow you to download them.


6) If you would like to use the discount for a years subscription you will need to return to your Focusrite account as shown in the first step and click the link again. This time we want to click Get Unlimited Mastering.


You can fill in your details and payment information to redeem the offer:


If you are still having issues then please contact technical support by clicking here.

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