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No input/output from second gen Scarlett after set up on Windows 10

This article applies to the second generation Scarlett devices on Windows 10

After the Windows 10 Creators Update you may see an issue where your Scarlett is incorrectly assigned the wrong driver. This is indicated in the Device manager of windows when you select the listing for the Scarlett, Right click and select Properties and go to the driver tab:


In this screenshot my 2i2 has been assigned the correct driver. If your's looks like this you do not need to do the following steps.

If the Driver version reads 10.x then your device is currently using the Microsoft 'USB Audio class' driver (more info here). We'd recommend using our driver instead, to assign that please perform the following steps:

1. Ensure that the Focusrite driver for your device is installed. You can download the latest driver from the Downloads section of our site after selecting your interface from the dropdown menu.

2. Open Device Manager, click on any of the ‘Scarlett’ entries under ‘Sound, video and game controllers’ to highlight one.


2. Go to View > Devices by Connection.


3. You’ll now see the Scarlett underneath an entry for the specific USB controller it’s connected to, right-click the USB Controller and select ‘Update driver’. 


4. Select the ‘Search automatically’ page.

Once this completes, the correct Focusrite driver should be assigned to the interface, if you are still having issues then please contact technical support by clicking here.


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