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RedNet's default to Expansion Mode when connected to Pro Tools HD hardware

This applies to the RedNet 5, and RedNet HD32R

Since the release of Pro Tools 12.7 we've noticed that Pro Tools HD hardware is defaulting to 192 kHz which causes the RedNet interface to switch into expansion mode. Expansion mode causes the RedNet to be seen as 16 I/O device. 

This behavior is due to the fact that the RedNet follows the sample rate set in the Avid Audio Server when connected to Pro Tools HD hardware. Fortunately this can be resolved by manually adjusting the sample rate within the Avid Audio Server.

To access the Avid Audio Server on a Mac open the Avid Folder within the Applications folder and double click the Avid Audio Server Launcher. Change the sample rate to the desired value then open RedNet Control to ensure that everything is properly configured. To disable expansion mode click on the wrench icon located next to the RedNet in RedNet Control and uncheck the Expansion Mode box.


The RedNet should now retain the sample rate set in the Avid Audio Server.

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