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iZotope Plug-In Offer // Clarett Promotion

As the owner of a Clarett interface, from the 29th June until the 31st August, you are able to download a free iZotope DDLY Dynamic Delay plug-in and receive 30% off their powerful new mixing plug-in Neutron. 

This article is going to show you how to install the free iZotope DDLY plug-in, and redeem your 30% discount for iZoptope's Neutron. 

This offer is available exclusively for Focusrite customers who have purchased a Clarett 2Pre, 4Pre, 8Pre or 8Pre X registered in their account before 31st August 2017.

If you do not have a Clarett interface registered in your account, you will not be able to access the promotion.

If you would like to watch a video which shows you how to do this, you can do so by clicking here.


1) Please log in to your Focusrite account. If you have a Clarett registered, you will see the iZotope banner underneath the current plug-in collective offer. 

If you have not registered your Clarett interface, please select 'Register product' to do so. You will see the link to download the free DDLY plug-in, and the code for 30% off Neutron.


2) Please click on the link saying 'You can redeem your copy of DDLY here.', then scroll down the landing page and click 'GET IT FREE'


3) Then, fill in your details to create an account with iZotope.


4) You will then be given a serial number for the plug-in, which is also available in your iZotope account. Please then download the relevant installer for your computer.


5) Please run the installer for the plug-in.



6) Now, please open your DAW (Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic etc.). If your DAW was open during the install, you will need to close and re-open your DAW. You will find DDLY in your plug-ins section. Then select 'Authorise' 


7) Then enter the serial number and the rest of your details. There is no need to register this with iLok, so you can leave this check box and text box blank. 


8) You have now successfully activated the DDLY plug-in.


9) To use the 30% discount to purchase Neutron, please copy the code from your account in step 1 of this article, and then click the link to go through to the iZotope store. Then click 'BUY NOW'.


10) Select 'Coupon' and enter the code that you have copied from your account in step 1 of this article. 


11) You will then see 25% discount applied to the cost of Neutron.


If you are having any issues with this activation/purchase process, please watch the following video walking you through the process.

If you require further assistance after watching the video and reading the article, please contact technical support by clicking here.


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