I only hear sound from my left speaker/headphone

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Most Focusrite interfaces feature at least two outputs for your speakers/monitors. Generally, you should connect your speakers to the first pair of outputs. These will normally be labelled '1' and '2' or 'LEFT' and 'RIGHT' (see below).


In most cases, you should connect the left speaker to output 1 ('LEFT') and the right speaker to output 2 ('RIGHT') however in some cases, you may only have one connector/jack for both speakers. This is particularly common with PC speakers.

We recommend using speakers with their own, individual inputs. If you have a single connector/jack for both speakers, you should turn down the level of the headphone output on the interface, connect the speakers to the headphone output and slowly turn up the headphone level until you get sufficient volume.

If you have a single connector/jack for both speakers and connect this directly to one of the outputs on the interface (1 (LEFT') or 2 ('RIGHT')), you will find that you get either sound out of one speaker only or you get the same sound from both speakers (mono).

If, having set up your speakers correctly, you still only hear sound from the left speaker, it may be due the way you have your inputs configured. We have an article which may help here: Why is my microphone only on the left?

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