Using your Scarlett Audio interface with Mixcraft

This article shows you how to record audio into Mixcraft using a 2nd Gen Scarlett Solo audio interface. If you have Scarlett 1st or 2nd Gen, Saffire or Clarett interface, the steps will be the exactly the same however the driver shown in step 2 (ASIO Device) may appear slightly differently. 

Step 1 - Before opening Mixcraft, go to your computer's Control Panel > Sound option. In the 'Playback' and 'Recording' tabs, make sure the Focusrite/Scarlett option is selected here as the default device. If it isn't already, right click and select 'Set as Default Device'.


Step 2 - Open a new project in Mixcraft and set the Focusrite/Scarlett to be Mixcraft's audio device by going to File > Preferences > Sound Device and check your settings match the screenshot below.


Step 3 - Create a new audio track and select the correct input. For example, if you have connected your guitar to input 2 of the Scarlett interface, ensure input 2 has been selected. 


Step 4 - Once your input level has been set accordingly on the Scarlett interface, click the Record button in Mixcraft. You will see the recorded audio appear on the selected track.


Step 5 - Once you are ready to export your finished project/audio to an MP3 or WAV file, click on File > Mix Down To and select your file format you wish to export to.


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