1st Gen Scarlett interfaces - No playback or metering from ASIO applications.

This article applies to 1st Generation Scarlett audio interfaces only. Scarlett 2nd Gen interfaces are not affected.

We have recently become aware of an issue where on some Windows systems that have AVG / AVAST Antivirus software installed, one of, or a combination of the following problems may occur when recording or playing back audio in ASIO applications (such as Cubase, Ableton, Reaper etc)

  • the playhead of the project will not move when the ‘Play’ icon has been clicked.
  • the project may play through, but no audio will meter or be heard.
  • playback may be glitchy / unstable at all buffer sizes. 

This does not affect audio playback from applications that use ‘WDM’, such as web browsers, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Spotify etc. Playback from these sources are unaffected. 

*Update 10/5/17* - Fix. Whilst disabling or removing AVG & AVAST will resolve this, we have also received reports (and have verified this ourselves on a number of systems) that the latest update to both these programs fixes the problem. Therefore, the first step is to update AVG & AVAST to the latest versions. 

If updating the software does not have any impact, please disable / un-install the software. You will need to re-start your computer for this to take effect.


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