Using Sample Rate Follow with RedNet Control 2.0

In the latest release of RedNet Control 2.0, there are now 4 different options to allow your devices to perform a sample rate follow. 

1.Tab Sample Rate - All devices on a particular tab will follow the sample rate chosen for the tab.

2.Tab Follow Device - All devices on a particular tab will follow a chosen device.


3.Global Sample Rate - All tabs and all devices will follow a particular globally set sample rate.

4.Global Follow Device  - All tabs and all devices will follow a particular RedNet device.


When using any of the sample rate follow options, Dante Virtual Soundcard can be set as the device to be followed but will not automatically switch sample rates to follow another device since changing the sample rate of Dante Virtual Soundcard is only configurable via Dante Controller.

To change these settings, use the Device Config tab of the Device View in Dante Controller. To open the Device View go to Device > Device View > Device Config tab:

  1. Completely quit out of any audio applications (such as DAWs) that are using Dante Virtual Soundcard. Connected applications may prevent new settings from taking effect.
  1. Ensure Dante Virtual Soundcard is running.
  1. In Dante Controller, open the device view for Dante Virtual Soundcard - either: Double-click the Dante Virtual Soundcard device in the routing view, or: n Use Ctrl + D (command + D for OS X) to open the device view, and select the Dante Virtual Soundcard device from the drop-down menu.
  1. Click the Device Config tab.

*Please note: Dante Virtual SoundCard will automatically switch sample rates following the DAW when chosen as the playback device for the DAW on Windows, but will not do this on Mac. You will need to follow the provided steps above each time you change the sample rate within the DAW while using Dante Virtual Soundcard.

For Pro Tools HD users using a RedNet 5 or RedNet HD32R, these units will always follow the DAW regardless of which sample rate follow option is chosen in RedNet Control 2.0.

In cases in which you are utilizing any of the Sample Rate Follow options within RedNet Control 2.0 and following one of the above devices, it will be important to be mindful of this when switching between sessions within Pro Tools.

 **Final Note: Non RedNet devices that are Dante enabled are able to be chosen as a Sample Rate Follow Device in RedNet Control 2 (allowing RedNet units to follow them automatically both Globally and per Tab).  These non RedNet devices will not automatically follow the sample rate of RedNet devices  unless the manufacturer offers this type of functionality in a proprietary control software.




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