What version of Ableton Live is bundled with my Focusrite product?

Applies to: Products bundled with Ableton Live Lite

Several Focusrite products are bundled with Ableton's Live Lite software.

Ableton Live Lite is not time limited, you can save and export your work, and all of Live’s fundamental tools and features are included:

  • Fast, intuitive workflow based on unique Session and Arrangement Views
  • Professional-quality audio recording and MIDI sequencing on up to eight tracks
  • Drum, Instrument, and Effect Racks for creative sound design and processing
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with many hardware controllers
  • Studio effects including EQ, compression, reverb, delay, chorus, filter and more
  • Included instruments and effects such Impulse drum sampler, compressor and delay
  • Use any VST and AU instruments and effects
  • Compatible with the Export Live Set feature that’s in a growing number of iOS apps
  • Overhauled Simpler instrument with built-in slicing and warping capabilities
  • Analog-modeled filters based on classic vintage hardware models
  • Improved waveforms and metering
  • Ableton Link: a new technology that keeps multiple instances of Live and a growing collection of iOS apps in time over a wireless network

You can find a full list of Ableton Live Lite's features at

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