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"AAE error -6117" with Pro Tools | First

Applies to: Scarlett 2nd Gen Range

If you are experiencing an AAE 6117 error when opening Pro Tools | First on Windows, this can be caused by Pro Tools | First being unable to access the driver for the interface as it's being used by another application/process. We've seen occasions in which Pro Tools | First can get stuck in this state. We are working with Avid to prevent this issue from occurring, but in the meantime, to attempt to fix this please perform the following procedure:

  • Close Pro Tools | First
  • Go to Control Panel > Sound. Disable all devices under Playback and Recording.
  • Install ASIO4ALL: (this is not needed to run the Scarlett but having another ASIO driver present can help get Pro Tools | First out of this state).
  • Disconnect the Scarlett from the computer.
  • Launch Pro Tools | First again. You should now be able to open it and select the ASIO4ALL driver.
  • Create a session, then fully close Pro Tools | First.
  • Reconnect the Scarlett to your computer.
  • Open Pro Tools | First again.
  • Once your session loads, go to Setup > Playback Engine > select the Focusrite driver

You should now be able to use the Scarlett in Pro Tools | First without the error message. At this point you can re-enable the device as a playback/recording device in Windows and uninstall ASIO4ALL if you wish. This issue should also not return after this.

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