XLN Addictive Keys Plug In Activation

This article will take you through activating the XLN plug in offered with the following Focusrite products:

- All Scarlett products (Gen 1, 2 and 3)
- Scarlett 8i6 and 18i6 
- Saffire 6 USB 
- All Clarett products 
- All Saffire products 
- Red 4Pre, Red 8Pre
- All RedNet Products 
- Forte
- iTrack Solo  

1) Please go to the Focusrite site and either log in or create an account and register your product. Click on 'My Software' and you will see the XLN Addictive Keys offer banner.


 The link will direct you to a page to choose a product and create an account. PLEASE NOTE: you can select only one product, it can be any of the four displayed. To help you decide which instrument to choose, listen to the Addictive Keys instruments here.



You will be prompted to "Pick Your Product" as well:


3) You will then be taken to the download page for the XLN Online Installer. Please run the installer for your operating system.


4) Once installed, you need to log in using the details you entered in step 2 to log in to your account via the XLN Online Installer.

5) Please enter the specifications of your computer.

6) Now, click 'Install 3' to install your selected Addictive keys plug in

7) Your plug-in will now be available inside your DAW. Please restart your DAW to refresh the plug in folder. Note: access within Pro Tools First (2018) will require a stereo Instrument track (mono option for the plug-in is not available)


If you still need assistance activating this plug in, please watch the installation and activation video which is available here, or contact technical support here.

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