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Flux Activation - January Plug In Collective

This article will explain how to install and activate the Flux Studio Session Analyser app, which is being offered as our January Plug In Collective Offer.

If you would rather watch a video showing the installation and activation process, then please click here.

YOU WILL NEED: An iLok account, which you can sign up for here if you don't have one. Please remember the username, you will need it later. You will also need to download the iLok License Manager here.

1) Please navigate to your Focusrite account by clicking here, and logging in. You will then see this at the top of your account page. Please click the link to go through to Flux's website.


2) Please enter your details, including your iLok username that you registered earlier if you don't have one already.

You will then get an email through from Flux.


3) Within 10 minutes, Flux will deposit a license for the Studio Session Analyser in your iLok Account, which will appear in the iLok License Manager.

Whilst waiting for this, please download and install Flux Center. This is where you will download and install the Studio Session Analyser from.

4) Please open Flux Center and scroll down to the Studio Session Analyser, and select 'Install'

5) You will now need to activate your license for the Studio Session Analyser. To do this, open the iLok License Manger on your computer. You will need to download this if you haven't already.

Please double click on the license, and then click activate. (Or drag and drop on to your computer in the left hand list)

6) Now, you have fully installed and activated the Studio Session Analyser. 

Please note: you will have a plug in inside your DAW called Sample Grabber, this is what sends audio to the Studio Session Analyser. The Studio Session Analyser will not show up inside your DAW, it is a standalone app. On Windows, please do a start menu search for the app, and on Mac, it will be in your Launchpad, also discoverable by a Spotlight search.

Please see below for the location of the Studio Session Analyzer application on PC. We recommend creating a shortcut on your desktop.


Installation Checklist

Have you?:

1) Signed up for an iLok account at this link?

2) Have you downloaded the iLok License Manager from this link?

3) Have you downloaded the Flux Center app from this link

4) Have you installed the 'Studio Session Analyser' from the Flux Centre app? (see step 4)

5) Have you activated the license for the Studio Session Analyser in the iLok License Manager? (see step 5)


If you have any issues completing these steps, please contact technical support by clicking here.


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